Getting there together


A membership creates benefits:

  • You are member of an institution that is making lobbying for your interests on the European level to ensure that new regulations will not discriminate your products;

  • You are part of a European community of producers that makes it possible to meet other producers from whole Europe to create a network of information;

  • You participate in a network of information, that are indispensable for a today´s manufacturer, who is producing under European regulations, that influence all important characteristics of your product;

  • As a panel and/or profile manufacturer, you will be able to come in contact with raw material suppliers, complementary products suppliers, technology providers, arhitects and constructors.

As a member you can also apply the "Quality Label EPAQ". This quality label creates additional benefits:

  • Getting a quality label for your products showing the customer that your products are proved by independent experts. The institution that is writing the data on the CE-mark is not you, but a qualified third party. The customer can trust the data you publish with your CE-mark in connection with the quality label;
  • The association is making marketing for products with the Quality Label EPAQ to increase the degree of familiarity. Architects will know that the best way to get a good roof or facade is to use products with the Quality Label EPAQ;
  • By making all necessary tests for getting the quality label, you can take your product data, proved by independent experts, to get other additional national certificates much easier and faster than without these data.