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The registration for the congress 2019 in Marseille is closed.


Congress 2018

Thessaloniki 25th - 26th October

The 12th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 25th and 26th of October 2018 in Thessaloniki. The congress was organized together by PPA-Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -

The next congress will be organized in Marseille, 14th and 15th October 2019.

Presentations of the 12th congress

The GRISPE PLUS project: Valorisation of knowledge for widely used steel profiles
Valérie Prudor, L’Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment

Real-time market research to better understand your market and your customers
Jonathan Kurfess, APPINIO

Virtual Metal - employee education in the digitalization era
Jonathan Natzel, Weltenmacher

The advantage of lightweight façade systems in industrial plant design
Florian Kohlbecker, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan

Resilience and durability: old-school design for modern façades
Thomas Schinko, Vasconi Architectes

The future of the CPR, is CE marking changing?
Oscar Nieto, Construction Products Europe

New Product Category Rules for steel and aluminium products. Why do we need them?
Rutger Gyllenram, Kobolde & Partners AB

Composite panels fixation: Next generation fastening
Arnaud Nangué, SFSintec

Huntsman PIR System - for an improved panel processing and optimal fire rating
Jerome Lebrun Dardignac, Huntsman

Congress 2017

Hamburg 19th - 20th October

The 11th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 19th and 20th of October 2017 in Hamburg. The congress was organized together by PPA-Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -

The next congress will be organized in Thessaloniki, 25th and 26th October 2018.

Presentations of the 11th congress

CRM Group capabilities for innovation in steel building envelope: 
from performance qualification to digitalisation
Frédéric Delcuve, AC&CS - CRM GROUP

Industry 4.0 for lightweight metal construction -
Digitisation of sales channels by using online configuration
Toralf Schneider, onrooby

Mineral wool - where the industry is going Niklas Karlsson, Paroc
Renovate Europe using Metal Cladding Systems
Markus Kuhnhenne, RWTH Aachen

Living the Seas
Fanny Picard, Fondation Jacques Rougerie

DAFA and its influence on the  Polish market
Witold Okoński, DAFA

How MCRMA influences technical developments, markets sectors and standards in the UK
Carlton J. Jones, MCRMA and MGMA

Flat-rolled aluminium market & outlook
Wolfgang Rempe, Hydro Aluminium

IFD Guideline ventilated facade - chance for harmonizing European standards in ventilated façade
Wolfgang Häussler, GIP

Current possibilities of UAV data capture
Heiko Lohre, Topcon Deutschland Positioning

Corrosion of walls and roof of a fish-cold house Andreas Schmelzer 

Congress 2016

Barcelona 13th - 14th October

The 10th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 13th and 14th of October 2016 in Barcelona. The congress was organized together by PPA-Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -

The next congress will be organized in Hamburg, 19th and 20th October 2017.

Presentations of the 10th congress

CeDePa Five Years Later: Innovation & Education to the Power of Three: (I+E)3
Luca Ceresa (SAIP), Alberto Mercati (DOW)

Sandwich Panels as supporting structural members
Beate Hörnel Metzger (iS Mainz)

Core, Structure, Design - Research with Sandwich Panels
Jörg Lange (TU Darmstadt)

Pain points in practice and possible solutions for Panels
Klaus Berner (iS-engineering)

Near zero energy building with steel solutions – case study
Jyrki Kesti (Ruukki)

Innovative Low Carbon Steel Building Envelopes
Ray Ogden (Oxford Brookes University)

New System of Building Regulations in Germany - Consequences for the use of Sandwich Panels
Karsten Kathage (DIBt)

The IFD - The international federation for roof and façade contractors and producers
Detlef Stauch (IFD)

South America: Unde venis, quo vadis II
Jörg P.A. Thomsen (iso-tecnica)

Congress 2015

Ljubljana 22nd - 23rd October

The 9th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 22nd and 23rd of October 2015 in Ljubljana. The congress was organized together by PPA-Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -

The next congress will be organized in Barcelona, 13th and 14th October 2016.

Presentations of the 9th congress

Opportunities and Challenges in Existing Buildings / The Renovate Europe Campaign
Oliver Loebel (PU Europe)

Challenges for Sustainable Metal Building Envelopes
Markus Kuhnhenne (AAINA)

The GRISPE Project: A European research on widely used profiles
Anna Palisson (L'Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment) 

Round Robin Test of Sandwich Panels 2014 - Compression test according EN 14509 A.2:2013
Jörg Finnberg (IMA GmbH Dresden)

Large scale fire testing in the EU
Diane Daems (Huntsman)

DR!P STOP Condensation control
Boštjan Guček (FILC)

Static Mixers and Mixer Heat Exchangers for PU Foam Processes
Alain Georg (Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG)

Combining glass and sandwich panels for a novel façade generation
Martien Teich (seele GmbH)

Brane Tisu (Trimo)

BIM ready - First experiences of a manufacturer of daylight systems for flat roofs
Stefan Slawik (Lamilux)

Recyclability credentials: Main challenges in EU product policies and standardisation
Christian Leroy (Metals for Buildings)


Congress 2014

Treviso 23rd - 24th October

The 8th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 23rd and 24th of October 2014 in Treviso. The congress was organized together by PPA-Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -  

The next congress will be organized in Ljubljana, 22nd and 23rd October 2015.       

Presentations of the 8th congress 

ECCA Premium® Quality & Sustainability for prepainted metal
Yvonne Barcelona (ECCA)

New Solutions - Wall Sandwich Panels with light mineral wool core
Piotr Olgierd Korycki (Pruszynski) 

Application on Sandwich Panels Installation of PV-Systems and curtain walls on Sandwich panels
Oliver Raabe (iS-engineering)

An overview of the European intiatives that relate to the sustainability of construction products
Oscar Nieto (Construction Products Europe)

Sandwich Architecture
 Matteo Brasca (Politecnico di Milano)

Open Thinking - Brave Innovations in Steel
Lars Courage (Courage Architecture)

Architectural and technical high-quality facades made from Sandwich Panels
Alexander Wiegand (TU Dortmund)

Some basic conditions for the application of lightweight construction elements
Ralf Möller (Pöter & Möller)

Congress 2013

Dublin 24th - 25th October

The 7th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 24th and 25th of October 2013 in Dublin. The congress was organized together by EPAQ and IFBS.

- Programme -  

The next congress will be organized in Treviso, 23rd and 24th October 2014.       

Presentations of the 7th congress 

The European Association for Panels and Profiles
Johan Schedin (EPAQ)

Surface gluing application
Dietmar Parthum (Oest) 

Sustainable innovation in coil coating
Chantal Bretton (ArcelorMittal)

Construction Product Regulation and latest information on standardization
Ralf Podleschny (EPAQ)

Improved properties of rock mineral wool for fire resistant sandwich panels 
Kresimir Antolic (Arhanti)

Revision 1 of EN 14509 - Changes and news
 Klaus Berner (iS-engineering)

Environmental performance of lightweight metal constructions
Markus Kuhnhenne (AAINA)


Congress 2012

Gdansk 25th - 26th October

The 6th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 25th and 26th of October 2012 in Gdansk. The congress was organized together by EPAQ, Pan and Pro Europe and IFBS.

- Programme -  

The next congress will be organized in Dublin October 2013.       

Presentations of the 6th congress 

DAFA , Stowarzyszenie Wykonawców Dachów Płaskich i Fasad 
Sandwich panels for partitions and ceilings
Dr. Ralf Möller (Pöter & Möller GmbH) 

Cladding freeform surfaces with double curved metal panels – a complete digital production chain
Peter Mehrtens (Bemo Systems)

Sustainable buildings: challenges of the metal industry
Patrick Le Pense («Metals for Buildings» Alliance)

When EU supports local initiatives to increase energy efficiency – the case of Gdynia
Wojciech Szczurek (Mayor of Gdynia)

Meeting energy efficiency requirements
Pasi Turpeenniemi (Ruukki)

Labelling of Sandwichpanels in the view of Building Insurance and the Loss Prevention
Sven Reiske (AXA)
Sandwichpanels and insurances 
Johan Schedin (EPAQ)

FM Approval Standards for Sandwich Panels: Fire and Natural Hazards
 Colin Hill (FM)

Congress 2011 

Rome 22nd - 23rd September 

The 5th European congress on sandwich panels and profiles took place on 22nd and 23rd of September 2011 in Rome. The congress was organized together by EPAQ and Pan and Pro Europe and was combined with the final meeting of the EASIE project group. That was the reason for focusing a large part of the congress on the results of this research project that was financed by the European Union.

106 participants from 17 countries joined the congress to get information about the innovative potential of sandwich panel technology. Another part of the presentations was focused on the product regulations concerning panels and profiles.

In the first part the industry representatives underlined the importance of research on sandwich panels. The coordinator of the EASIE project, Prof. Naujoks from Institute for Sandwich Technology, Mainz gave an overview about the research in the project. Furthermore the results of all work packages were presented. Both design methods "design by calculation" and "design by testing" were compared. The structural behavior of openings in sandwich panels was analyzed. The assessment of stabilization effects and load transfer possibilities of sandwich panels was presented as well. Moreover the durability of sandwich panels and the retrofitting possibilities were presented. The dissemination of the knowledge on sandwich panels including E-Learning tools, which are available on the EASIE web site were presented as well. The EASIE coordinator resumed the first part of the congress and gave an outlook for the future research potentialities.

The special guest of the congress, Jörg P. A. Thomsen from iso-técnica (Uruguay) gave an impression of the sandwich panel market in South America.

A representative of the Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction (CEPMC) presented the new construction product regulations. One of the further speeches was focused on the long them behaviour of profiles of galvanized sheet. Additionally the tightness and thermal performance of lightweight metal constructions was discussed. The last speech gave an architectural point of view on the design of industrial buildings made of metal sheet to all who work with panels and profiles every day.

A member of the company cedepa gave a report about the new production line which can be used for R&D tasks. This production line was built by DOW and SAIP in Tudela (Spain). It can be used by all companies or researchers who want to test their developments or prototypes.
The congress was closed with discussion of all the considered tasks.  

The next congress will be organized in Danzig on 25th an 26th October 2012.       

Presentations of the 5th congress organized by EPAQ and Pan and Pro Europe: 

Presentations of the EASIE Project

The EASIE Project - an  overview 

Prof. Bernd Naujoks (iS-mainz) 

Structural behaviour of openings with and without frames
Prof. Jörg Lange, Felicitas Rädel (TU Darmstadt)

Comparison of design by testing and design by calculation I
David Izabel (SNPPA)

Comparison of design by testing and design by calculation II

Prof. Klaus Berner (iS-mainz)

New applications for sandwich panel: stabilization and load transfer
Saskia Käpplein, Dr. Thomas Misiek (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Durability of sandwich panels

Retrofitting of damaged sandwich panels

Paavo Hassinen (Aalto University)

Holistic, eLearning based education on sandwich construction
Prof. Jörg Lange (TU Darmstadt) 

Training, skill development, dissemination
Valerie Prudor (SNPPA)

Conclusions, future requirements and input to codification
Prof. Bernd Naujoks (iS-mainz)

Non-EASIE Presentations

The new Construction Product Regulation
Pascal Bar (CEPMC)

Long term behaviour of profiles of galvanized sheet in a wall cavity environment
Otto Kettlitz (Kettlitz Gevel- en Dakadvies)

Monologues or dialogue - the design of industrial building envelopes made of metal sheet
Prof. Helmut Hachul (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund)