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Welcome to the European Association for Panels and Profiles

High-Quality in Metal Lightweight Constructions for Walls and Roofs

European manufacturers of sandwich panels and profiles made out of metal sheets have established a European association to create a representation of the industry on the European level and to ensure building products with good quality.

Association's members with a Quality Label EPAQ enable the building owners to get high valued buildings with a façade and roof that fulfills all requirements of modern building envelopes regarding design, strength, air-tightness, thermal conductivity, reaction to fire and many other aspects.

Congress 2022

Darmstadt, Germany

After a two-year break, the annual international congress ADVANCEMENTS FOR METAL BUILDINGS opened its doors again on 12 and 13 September.

PPA-Europe and IFBS were pleased to welcome almost 100 participants from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

The scientific programme of the congress this year focused on sustainability and thinking the future.

The presentations can be found at:

Congress 2022

Publication of PPA-Europe's Rules for Good Practice

The first edition of the European planning and installation guideline for wall cladding and roof covering work using sandwich panels has now been published. Double skin metal faced sandwich panels with an insulating core of polyurethane or mineral wool, with through-fixing or hidden fixing system, are covered by this guideline.

The document "Rules for Good Practice" explains the terminology for metal building structure and envelope and provides instructions and practical information on:
  • planning and preparation of the works for wall cladding and roof covering
  • materials to be used (sandwich panels, sealants and gaskets, fasteners and their accessories, flashings)
  • execution of construction work, including conditions for the panel supporting structure, storage and handling of sandwich panels
  • maintenance and repairs
  • assessment of the appearance of a façade
  • classification of premises depending on the humidity level
  • classification of interior environments and exterior atmospheres.

Figures and drawings show examples of good practice for the installation of sandwich panels and ancillary items at specific points of the building.

The new document can be found on our website, at:

Award of new EPAQ Certification Documents and new / prolonged EPAQ Quality Certificates

On the ocassion of the last General Assembly of PPA-Europe on 14th October 2019, two new EPAQ Certification Documents for sandwich panels have been awarded to the companies Romakowski, Germany and ArcelorMittal Construction France (AMCF). In addition, the company Metecno, Germany, got the EPAQ Quality Certificate accompanying its new EPAQ Certification Document for sandwich panels with steel faces and polyurethane core material meTecno System 15, meaning that they can now mark these products with the EPAQ Quality Label.

19_Romakowski_new EPAQ CD
  19_AMCF_new EPAQ CD
  19_Metecno_new EPAQ QC
The representative of Romakowski with the chairman of the Quality Committee for Panels
  The representative of AMCF with the chairman of the Quality Committee for Panels   The representative of Metecno with the chairman of the Quality Committee for Panels

In the framework of the EPAQ quality system for metal profiled sheets, the EPAQ Quality Certificates for trapezoidal profiles and liner trays made of steel, of ArcelorMittal Construction Belgium (AMCB) have been prolonged for a new three year certification period. The renewed certificates have been awarded to the company.

19_AMCB_prolonged EPAQ QCs
The representative of AMC with the chairman of the Quality Committee for Profiles

All the Certification Documents and Quality Certificates for the currently valid EPAQ certifications and for those under development / revision can be found on our web-site, at:

Publication of the 2018 edition of the association EPDs

The revision of the association Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) has been completed. The new edition has been released on 14th September 2018 with a validity of five years. The four EPDs revised are:

  • EPD for double skin steel faced sandwich panels with a core made of mineral wool,
  • EPD for double skin steel faced sandwich panels with a core made of polyurethane,
  • EPD for profiled sheets made of steel for roof, wall, deck and ceiling constructions,
  • EPD for profiled sheets made of aluminium for roof, wall and ceiling constructions.

These are average EPDs based on input data submitted by different manufacturers. On the second page of each EPD there is a list of participating companies.

To view or download the declarations, please click on the pictures below or go to

EPD 2018 MW Panels               EPD 2018 PU Panels               EPD 2018 Steel Profiles               EPD 2018 Aluminium Profiles

Newly published "EPAQ Quality Info" file

The EPAQ Quality Regulations for Panels and Profiles, edition October 2016 were published in a file, so that we can update them in future in an easier way and provide you with all necessary information in a compact manner.

The new “EPAQ Quality Info” file contains three language versions of the EPAQ Quality Regulations for Panels and Profiles and will be supplemented by the EPAQ Testing Rules during 2017 (after revision).

All those interested can contact us, to order free of charge the "EPAQ Quality Info" file.

Front cover of the "EPAQ Quality Info" file

ECO-EPDs for sandwich panels and metallic profiles

During its first official annual conference on 16th October 2014 in Brussels, the ECO Platform (, umbrella organization comprising various (national) EPD program operators in Europe announced the launch of a new EPD logo. The first “ECO-EPDs“ were awarded to declaration owners of the various programs. PPA-Europe got, in the event, the ECO-EPDs for:

  • Sandwich panels with polyurethane core
  • Sandwich panels with mineral wool core
  • Profiled sheets made of steel for roof, wall and deck constructions

Thanks of ECO-EPD, PPA-Europe members can use their sector EPD around almost, all European countries, without an extra cost.

For documents downloading, please click here: ECO-EPD

New EPDs for Sandwich Panels and Profiled Sheets

EPAQ publishes new Environmental Product Declarations - EPDs for:

  • Sandwich Panels with polyurethane core
  • Sandwich Panels with mineral wool core
  • Profiled Sheets made of steel for roof, wall and deck constructions

The sandwich EPDs are issued on September 12th 2013 and have a valiidity until 11th Septmber 2018.

The EPDs are averages based on the data of the participating EPAQ member companies. You please find these companies on the last page of the EPD.

For a download of the documents, please use the link on the pictutres or go to

EPD Panel PU            EPD Panel MW           EPD Profiled sheets

EPAQ informed about its work at the fair BAU in Munich

EPAQ has been present on the fair BAU for construction products in Munich.

Thousands of EPAQ Quality Regulations about panels and profiles has been distributed to the visitors.

 Bau stand              Logo BAU 2013

Award of new EPAQ Quality Labels

On October 26th new EPAQ Quality Labels for sandwich panels and profiles have been awarded. The companies MAAS, ISOPAN and SAB Profiel got their certificates.

 For more information please look at