Getting there together

Contribution Regulations

of the
European Association
for Panels and Profiles


1.1 Members are obliged to pay contributions or levies on time to the Association.
1.2 The contributions have to be paid dependent on the number of factories, which are producing panels and/or profiles.
Ordinary members have to pay their fees depending on their size:
- Group I: 12 times the basic fee
for a multinational company with more than 3 plants in more than 2 countries;
- Group II: 6 times the basic fee
for a large enterprise (national or multinational company not in group I, III or IV);
- Group III: 3 times the basic fee
for a large enterprise (less than 200 Mio. € turnover);
- Group IV: the basic fee
for a small enterprise according to EU definition (less than 50 employees and less than 10 Mio. € turnover)
per year. 
An associated member has to pay:
- 6 times the basic fee in case of raw material producers;
- 3 times the basic fee in case of associations;
- the basic fee in case of producers of other products
per year.
1.5 An associated member who is an institute or a consultant company, producing no goods, has to pay an amount of 500,00 € per year.
With coming into force of this Contribution Regulations the basic fee is 1.850,00 €. This basic fee can be changed by the General Assembly annually, without changing this Contribution Regulations.  
  Ordinary and special contributions shall be paid by members within one month of a call being made upon members.