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JSC Teplant

JSC Teplant is a leading Russian producer of sandwich panels (construction materials market).

Mission - “We work to create an enjoyable environment for building”

Corporate values:
- Leadership.
Being an expert on the prefabricated structures market and a worthy market trendsetter. Creating products and services of the best quality and use to our customers.
- Honesty.
Making only those commitments that the company is able to fully discharge.
Providing complete and accurate information on the products and options.
Being a fair and responsible competitor.
- Respect.
Handling the resources of our clients and partners with care.
We aim at saving the client’s time by making our products (services) as accessible as possible and accelerating customer support processes.
Paying attention to any wishes of our clients and partners.
Being flexible while remaining efficient.
- Responsibility.
We assume complete responsibility for all our commitments to our clients, partners, employees and society.
A consistent, affirmative and balanced approach to each assignment.
- Team spirit.
People is our main asset, and our motto is Never Give Up, Never Surrender. We support each other and aim for the top. Each employee shares our corporate values, and the company appreciates the work of each and every employee.

- three-layer sandwich panels (wall, roof and corner panels);
- heat insulation materials;
- shaped elements.

Zavodskaya Ulitsa 5
443004 SAMARA

Phone: +7 846 377 3000
fax: +7 846 377 4568

Ordinary members

Ordinary members are enterprises that produce elements made of metal sheets for roofs, ceilings and walls, like trapezoidal sheets, cassettes, corrugated sheets and sandwich panels.