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Isopan Deutschland GmbH

Isopan produces and commercializes metal faced insulating panels for roofs and walls with a high isothermal coefficient for public, industrial, commercial and agricultural constructions.
Isopan is one of the European biggest names in the sector, constantly attentive to products and services innovation. Research and continuous development have allowed high-level investments that provide customers with quality products to meet different needs in various application areas.
Isopan production cycle is in perfect harmony with the environment: the panels essentially consist of a metal profiled sheet and an insulating core of polyurethane foam or mineral fiber.

Being able to listen and wanting to understand are the basic conditions for an effective and efficient customer service.
The application of this concept transforms the Isopan team in a real value for customers.
This is a real group of professionals who, in the various areas of the overall Isopan organization, are constantly updated and work closely with customers, interpreting their needs and finding the best solutions to respond to them.

In order to maintain a high level of quality and technology of their products without damaging the ecosystem, the plants are equipped with innovative installations that reduce the environmental impact of the production process. Moreover, the plants are equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity necessary for its own needs.
Thanks to their internal technical studies in collaboration with qualified laboratories, Isopan has marked its panels with the CE label (both in Italy and Europe) according to the Directive 89/106/EEC.
Isopan is present with its plants in Plötz near Halle (Germany), in Tarragona (Spain), in Bucarest (Romania) and in Italy (Patrica near Frosinone and Trevenzuolo near Verona). Isopan is also present with a commercial office in France: Isopan France (Mérignac). For the coming years the programs provide two other plants in Russia and Mexico.

Kreisstraße 48
06193 Wettin-LöbejĂŒn OT Plötz

Phone: +49 (0) 346033220
fax: +49 (0) 346033221850

Ordinary members

Ordinary members are enterprises that produce elements made of metal sheets for roofs, ceilings and walls, like trapezoidal sheets, cassettes, corrugated sheets and sandwich panels.