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Tasks and Objectives


The Association has the purpose of supporting the growth of the business by representing manufacturers of metal profiled sheets, sandwich panels and ancillary products on the European level in all political, regulatory, technical committees or any other initiatives which are relevant for realizing a harmonized and free market in Europe. In order to fulfill this purpose, representatives of PPA-Europe take part in the work of different committees, associations and groups, such as:

-  European Standardization Committee (CEN):

  • Technical Committee (TC) 128, Subcommittee (SC) 11 and its Working Groups (WG). CEN/TC128 SC11 is responsible for the European product standards for metal sandwich panels (EN 14509).
  • CEN/TC128 SC7, which is reponsible for the European product standards for self-supporting metal profiled sheets (EN 14782, EN 508 series).
  • CEN/TC135 and the relevant WGs, which are responsible for the European product standards for structural metal profiled sheets (EN 1090-1, EN 1090-4, EN 1090-5).
  • CEN/TC250 SC3 WG21, which is responsible for the European design standard (Eurocode) for steel sandwich panels.
  • CEN/TC127, which is responsible for European standards for the fire safety in buildings, and its WG: WG1 (fire resistance test standards), WG4 (reaction to fire test standards) and WG7 (classification standards). CEN/TC127 WG1 TG4 is responsible for the European standards for extended application of results from fire resistance tests on non-loadbearing walls and non-loadbearing ceilings made of sandwich panels (EN 15254-5 and EN 15254-7).

- International Standardization Organisation (ISO):

  • ISO/TC61 SC10 WG10, which is responsible for the international standard for metal sandwich panels.

- Construction Products Europe (CPE), which is the European umbrella association of construction products manufacturers

  • WG Construction Products Regulation (CPR): Task Group (TG) CPR Implementation; TG Fire; TG Dangerous Substances
  • WG Sustainability

- Metals for Buildings (MFB), which is an European association of the building metal industry focusing on sustainability aspects

- International Federation for the Roofing Trade (IFD).

The association has the goal of pushing an open European market and fighting against trade barriers.


Additional tasks:

  • Acting against misleading information on the market towards the customers, by any party, eventually even panel and profile manufacturers;

  • Information of the customers about quality aspects;

  • Cooperation with other European Associations;

  • Cooperation with other institutes with excellent knowledge on sandwich technology.


The association does not carry on an economic business.



PPA-Europe's Registration Certificate