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Tasks and Objectives


The European Association for Panels and Profiles was established in 2003.

The Association has the purpose of supporting the growth of the business by:

  1. Representing manufacturers of metal profiled sheets, sandwich panels and ancillary products on the European level in all political, regulatory, technical committees or any other initiatives which are relevant for realizing a harmonized and free market in Europe.

  2. Promoting the quality of elements made of metal plates like profiled sheets and sandwich panels and labelling products whose quality has been established in accordance with quality and inspection regulations for elements made of metal plate with the quality label EPAQ (which stands for “European Panels and Profiles Assured Quality”).

  For the purpose of quality assurance, the association has the tasks of:

    • Producing a quality label regulation in addition to implementing regulations, monitoring that quality label users observe the quality label regulation, obligating quality label users to only label those products with the quality label whose quality has been established;

    • Establishing a voluntary third party control for the owners of an label EPAQ;

    • Coordinating the work of third parties who are testing and auditing on the basis of EPAQ Quality Regulations and Testing Rules, based upon harmonized European standards;

    • Improvement of testing methods to guarantee the quality of products.

The association has the goal of pushing an open European market and fighting against trade barriers.


Additional tasks:

  • Acting against misleading information on the market towards the customers, by any party, eventually even panel and profile manufacturers;

  • Information of the customers about quality aspects;

  • Cooperation with other European Associations;

  • Cooperation with other institutes with excellent knowledge on sandwich technology like iS-Mainz.


The association does not maintain an economic business enterprise.



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