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EPAQ Quality Label


The owners of an Quality Label EPAQ ensure that the customer will get a high-quality product that fulfills the requirements of the European standards EN 14509 for sandwich panels and EN 14782 and EN 1090 for trapezoidal sheets, sinusoidal sheets, cassettes and liner trays. The high-quality products meet additional requirements and higher threshold values which are necessary to guarantee a product with very good characteristics for good maintenance and a very good durability.

The EPAQ-Quality is based on an independent control of the product characteristics by independent third parties. Independent auditing bodies, laboratories and experts are checking the whole production process regularly. The products are tested in an initial test under supervision of an independent party and the evaluation of material characteristics is checked by independent experts. The whole quality assurance regime ensures that the material data printed on a CE-mark are checked regularly to give the confidence that the customer will get a high-quality product.

The association has worked on testing rules, which harmonizes the testing of independent laboratories all over Europe. Based on the EPAQ-Testing Rules the same product get the same material characteristics with no difference between the test data regardless of the location of the laboratory.