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Third Parties

Third Parties are independent laboratories or a combination of an experienced independent expert acting together with an inexperienced or possibly not impartial laboratory or independent laboratories or independent companies for assessment of factory production control.

The tasks of third parties are:

·         initial type testing and writing the test report
·         evaluation and preparation of evaluation report of ITT
·         responsibility for and attending of initial inspection including assessment report
·         responsibility for and attending of external quality control including
          evaluation report.

Third parties may be recognized for one or more fields of experience of the above mentioned tasks with regard to profiles.

Independent laboratories

Independent laboratories that are working on the basis of the EPAQ-regulations have to be national institutions that are member of EOTA or that are approved for testing profiles by a national institution that is member of EOTA or is accredited by an EA-member. If an independent laboratory does not fulfil this requirement, a committee of the third parties who are working under the scheme of these Quality Regulations have to decide on the independent laboratory by checking its competence in testing and/or evaluating test reports on profiles.

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